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Lumens to Watts and Footcandles: Three Important Terms in LEED

Some people are probably already familiar with the terms above, even if you’re not an electrical engineer or lighting designer. I'm proof of this... As an HVAC engineer, I’ve d

Fly Ash Cement: Should I Believe 60 Minutes? How Dangerous is it?

Question: Alex asks: I saw a 60 minutes episode on fly ash and it said it was a toxic material, but this is still being used in a lot of green products. Is it toxic? Is i

LEED EQ Credit 5: Are MERV 13 Filters Always Required?

Question: Rick asks: LEED EQ Credit 5, Indoor Chemical and Pollutant Source Control - According to manufacturer a filter is not required at the fan inlet on fan powered V

Warmboard: Subfloor for Radiant Heating

Warmboard, invented in 1992, is a radiant heating system that is manufactured in the United States. This system heats water, which is conduc

Is My Building's LEED Certification Going to Expire?

Question: Jim asks: Is LEED certification for construction companies or for each individual construction project? Is there any type of "expiration date" associated with a

Green Associate Jobs: What Jobs Are Available for LEED GAs?

Question: Donna asks: What are the job opportunities for an individual who passes the LEED Green Associate exam? Please advise. Answer: [caption id="attachment

Regenerative Brake Elevators: Reducing Energy Use in Buildings

To preface why regenerative elevator drives make sense, it is first prudent to describe the three ways that an elevator can 'lose' energy. These instances occur probably in equal m

Ni45Co5Mn40Sn10: Converting Heat to Electricity in Green Buildings?

Anyone who knows me knows how I love to research things. This is true, even independently of my professional life, which requires constant research and investigation into existi

Solar Cell Efficiency: 3D Photovoltaic Cell Design Maximizes Efficiency for a Lower Cost

Most companies have used a two-pronged approach to producing cheaper photovoltaic (PV) cells: increase conversion efficiency and decrease manufacturing costs. Increasing conversion

Building Occupancy for LEED: How Do I Calculate Peak Transient Total?

Question: Mary Beth asks: For Pi.f.3 total occupancy, one of the tables asks for Peak transient total. Is peak transient based on an average day and the total number of p

Insulating Paint: Does it Really Work?

Question: Wendy asks: Does insulating paint actually work? Answer: Hi Wendy, Thanks for your question concerning insulating paint. In my personal and pro

3 Dual Flush Toilets for LEED Certification

Dual flush toilets save water by giving the user the ability to use less water to flush liquid waste and more water for solid waste. As mentioned in "Water Saving Toilets: How M

Green Roofs: Ideal for Green Building in India?

Green roofs have become a very important component of sustainable urban development within the last 30 years. Their striking economical and ecological advances, along with growing

Warmboard: Subfloor for Radiant Heating

Warmboard, invented in 1992, is a radiant heating system that is manufactured in the United States. This system heats water, which is conduc

Granite Countertops: Are They Considered Green?

Question: Sandra asks: Are granite countertops considered green? Answer: Hi Sandra, Granite countertops have a few green qualities. They don't require chemi

Green Building in India: Is There a List of Green Building Materials for LEED?

Question: Vellaiappan asks: Is there LEED recommended certified list of green building materials in India? Answer: Hi Vellaiappan, Many thanks for your questio

LEED v4 Exams: Should I Take the Current LEED AP Test or the New One?

Question: Aiman asks: Hi, I read your article about the new version of LEED rating system and LEED Exams,it was very informative. Thank you for that. Since the current Gr

LEED AP vs. LEED GA: What is the Best Way to Start?

Question: Jim asks: Hello, I currently work in sales for a solar company with some hands on commercial installations. I am also RESNET and BPI accredited. With most of ou