LEED Green Associate Exam: What Preparation Approach is Best to Pass the LEED Green Associate Exam?




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I’m interested in taking the LEED Green Associate exam as soon as possible, however, I’m unclear as what to study to pass the exam? There are a couple of other publications that seem relevant to this exam on the USGBC website which are:Hugh-Broughton-Architects at table 183

  • Green Associate Study Guide
    Green Building & LEED Core Concepts Guide

Free LEED v4 Green Associate ExamDo you still recommend that I purchase either or both of the above publications? Are there any other books that you deem necessary for a successful preparation for the exam?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Hi Sharief, thanks for your question. Poplar Network’s “LEED v4 Green Associate “Super Study Pack” is a popular product. We recommend this bundle and it definitely includes enough to pass the LEED Green Associate exam.

In my opinion a good study approach is to expose yourself to as much of the material in as many media types/methods and environments as possible to maximize retention.

The Poplar Network’s “LEED v4 Green Associate “Super Study Pack” includes some excellent interactive online tools which many of our customers find useful.

I can speak from experience that using various media types was helpful for me in achieving a 95% on the LEED exam.

Hope this helps,


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