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California Paint Recycling: Global-Green Recycled Paint

Product Review provided by: Claire Moloney, Cornell University
Product Review

California Paint Recycling, Inc. produces quality recycled paint, made with anywhere from 25% to 100% post-consumer and/or post-industrial (or pre-consumer, in LEED terms) content.

Since the "Global-Green" paint contains recycled materials, California Paint Recycling’s products contain 85% less embodied energy than virgin products. The paints are also contain low VOCs and are 100% acrylic.

Types of Recycled Paint and Low VOC Paint

California Paint Recycling, Inc. offers a variety of Global-Green paints for many applications. The types of paints that they offer include:

• Primers and sealers
• Exterior finishes in flat, low-sheen and semi-gloss
• Interior finishes in flat, eggshell and semi-gloss, in both standard and low VOC formulation
• Specialty products, such as low and no VOC caulking and sealants, low VOC wood stains and finishes, etc.

The products also come in a wide variety of paint colors, with custom colors available for orders of 50 to 2400 gallons.

LEED Credit Overview

California Paint Recycling's Global-Green paint can help contribute to LEED because of its recycled content and low VOCs.

Under LEED for New Construction, Global-Green paint may contribute to the following credits:

Materials and Resources (MR) Credit 4: Recycled Content (1-2 points):

This credit requires that the project uses materials with recycled content. The calculation for percentage of recycled content is the sum of the post-consumer content plus 1/2 of the pre-consumer content. 1 point is awarded for 10% recycled content, and 2 points for 20%. Global-Green paint contains a minimum of 25% recycled content (pre-consumer and/or post-consumer), so it can help contribute to this credit.

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Credit 4.2: Low-Emitting Materials - Paints and Coatings

Some of California Paint Recycling's products meet the standards set forth in this credit. For example, architectural paints and coatings must meet Green Seal's VOC limits. On Green Seal's website, you can see a list of Global-Green paints that meet this standard.

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