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5 Places to Find Green Building Products for Your LEED Project


Nate asks: What’s the best way to search for green products online, particularly products that meet MR Credit 4, Recycled Content?


Hi Nate, thanks for this great question regarding finding green building products.

Green Building Products Databases

Green building product databases are a great way to find green building products online, because they not only list a range of materials, but also predict which LEED credits a product is most likely to earn.

1. has a database of green building product reviews. These products are reviewed by LEED professionals, who use their knowledge of the rating systems to predict which credits the products may earn. The database can be sorted by LEED credit category, so you can conveniently find products to fit your specific needs.

2. EcoScorecard

EcoScorecard is a web-based tool that helps architects and designers measure the environmental impact of products against major green building rating systems, such as LEED, CHPS, REGREEN, Green Globes and the Green Guide for Healthcare.

EcoScorecard allows consumers to search it's database of participating manufacturers for free, because product manufacturers pay to be listed.

3. BuildingGreen: GreenSpec

GreenSpec is's online guide that lists over 2200 green building products. Products are listed in the guide if they meet the guidelines described in Environmental Building News,'s publication.

Unlike ecoScorecard, product manufacturers cannot pay to list or advertise their green building products in GreenSpec. Instead, GreenSpec editors select products to feature in the guide.

On, professionals can search the for the GreenSpec-listed products specifically based on the LEED credit they are trying to achieve. This is a helpful tool for LEED professionals - and a helpful marketing tool for your company to market directly to them.

Green Building Conferences and Expos

4. Greenbuild

A prime example of a green building expo where you can find green building products and services is Greenbuild. In 2011, over 23,000 people attended Greenbuild, which means that it is the biggest green building conference in the world. The conference has a green building product expo, which draws hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees.

This conference is hosted by the USGBC, which is the nonprofit organization that created the LEED rating systems. That means that many of the green building products at the Greenbuild expo are geared toward LEED projects and professionals, which is ideal for finding products for your project.

5. Building Energy

Building Energy is a conference and trade show for renewable energy and green building professionals, hosted by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association.

Building Energy's trade show has about 150 exhibitors who present products and services for alternative energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable building. Some products exhibited may be well-suited for your LEED project.

I hope this helps, Nate! Good luck!

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