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LEED Exam Sample Questions: What are my Best Options?

When preparing for the LEED AP exam, it's important to get exposed to as many sample questions as possible.

The questions are tough and often require counter-intuitive answers with complex relationships between green building principles, sustainability organizations and the LEED system itself.

Throughout my own studying process, I'm often surprised by questions that I don't know the answers to, which then drain my confidence. I know if I had not exposed myself to sample questions before the exam, I would have definitely failed.

Indeed, Tristan Roberts, LEED AP and Managing Editor of Environmental Building News, recommends taking one practice exam early in the preparation process and another exam later in the process. Mr. Roberts, who published his own list of LEED NC sample questions, encourages aspiring LEED APs to orient themselves early on to the rigor required by the exams.

Simulator-type LEED AP practice exams receive high marks from LEED APs who used them when studying. These exams are made to simulate the actual LEED AP exam and are written by those with firsthand knowledge of the exam. Most practice exam publishers provide several different exams in a package and the material can be used over and over. Some online sample exams offer unlimited usage.

One aspect of taking a LEED exam simulator, in addition to exposing yourself early on to exam sample questions, is getting a feel for how you'll score on the exam. Many LEED AP candidates take the exams and fail by only a few points. Knowing which LEED Exam sample questions are the toughest for you is critical to passing.

Surprisingly, most leading LEED AP offline prep course providers do not offer prep courses for LEED CI, reducing the number and quality of options available to LEED CI candidates. But the good news for LEED CI test takers is that many exam simulators boast a 90% first time pass rates for their participants.

Students preparing often find study bundles to be indispensable because of their lower price point and included online training, practice exams, flash cards, study and audio guides as opposed to being overburdened by enormous textbooks.

Expert Advice and Comments

Failed LEED NC V.2.2

I recently failed the LEED NC2.2 exam with a score of 168. Is it enough to study the NC 2.2 manual and associated materials for the Green Associates exam? or should I gather new materials in preparation for the Green Associates exam? thx

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Using LEED NC 2.2 materials for LEED GA exam

Hi RK:

You should have an excellent foundation for passing the LEED GA exam with your knowledge of LEED NC 2.2.

What I would suggest is to explore the LEED GA practice exam options that are available on the web and/or in print and take a few of those to see how you do. My assumption is that you'll do fine, but there is a breadth of material covered in the LEED GA exam as well and better safe than sorry.

Good luck!

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taking leed exam on Tuesday

My husband has been studying for the LEED exam and just took a practice test and only got 45 percent right. he's really bummed, it drained his confidence (which he had lots of yesterday. Here's the rub: he's scheduled to take the exam on Tuesday (in 36 hours!). Should he postpone for two weeks or will he be okay if he takes two more sample exams? Please advise.

Leed NC 2.2

I took LEED NC 2.2 today. I failed with a score of 169. Is there anything I can do? Also, what qualifies as a prerequisite for a sustainable field? I am in construction and can't really switch jobs to become a LEED GA. Thanks

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Failing the LEED AP Exam

Hi Andrew:

Sorry to hear that... construction is a sustainable field of work if you are focused on building/creating buildings or working on projects that incorporate sustainability into them. You should not have to change your job to take the LEED GA exam. There are alternatives as well... see this post for more information.

Good luck!

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The 168, 169 club

Ok, I know a lot of people that have taken the test in the past few days. I would say that about 80% (a very unscientific number, of course)of us from around the country have made either a 168 or 169. Does that seem strange? Has anyone else noticed a lot of 168s and 169s?

169 here! Can I join?

I agree with both Max and Greg. After weeks of studying everything in site and having work sessions in my office, I thought I knew this stuff cold. I'm really upset. I do not agree the results.I felt really good when I finished. I'm not letting go just yet...And some of the questions..! Man oh man....

190! Thanks!

Thanks green-buildings!!! I scored a 190! I wasn't sure how I did at all at various points in the exam and questioned myself many times but in the end my hard work and positive thinking paid off.