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Bid Your Energy: How Does Work?


Michael asks: How does work? Have you heard of them? Why would I sign up for this? Thanks for any help you can provide...


Hi Michael, thank you for your question. BidUREnergy is an online service that offers a FREE way to get competitive bids from power and natural gas suppliers who may be able to lower your bills. It's set up in an auction style format and the energy suppliers compete for to earn the right to supply your home or business with energy.

The competing power companies cannot see what the other companies are bidding, so they are as competitive as possible to win the bid.

One thing which I think is great is that not only you may be able to save money through a new provider, but also you can enter into a "level payment plan" which will allow you to know exactly what your energy and electricity costs are going to be every month. The utility estimates your usage and then comes up for an average monthly payment based on what they expect for your yearly consumption. If the number increases or decreases in reality, they show you what the difference is, but you don't have to make up the difference (if it's on the plus side) until the end of the year. Conversely, if they OVER estimate your annual consumption, you can get a credit at the end of the year.

The bidders (energy suppliers) competing for your business have been put through a pre-qualification process by to make sure they are established providers.

Also, BidUREnergy offers renewable and green power options for residential consumers who are especially environmentally conscious. This can be very appealing for both private and public companies that have an outwardly focused sustainability policy.