Energy and Atmosphere
Tesla, Steve Jurvetson via Flickr

How Tesla Motors Plans to Revolutionize Home Energy with the Powerwall 2

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Tesla is known for its clean energy luxury vehicles, but the company’s newly unveiled products are taking clean energy into the home.

Geothermal system, Credit: Mark Johnson

Geothermal Home Systems: Renewable Energy in Your Own Home

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While uncommon in the U.S., geothermal home systems are lauded for their reliability, economic viability, and impressively low environmental impact.

Home Composting, Wikipedia Commons

Stay Away from Landfills with Home Composting

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Need a quick and (minimally) dirty way to reduce your carbon footprint? You might want to look into home composting.

Scandinavian Green Roof Inst.

Should I Choose a Green Roof or White Roof?

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Green roofs and white roofs each have particular benefits and environmentally friendly characteristics, but which should you choose?

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New York City: The Greenest City in America?

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In 2015, New York City was ranked the number one greenest city in the United States. In the span of one year, it dropped to number fourteen. What could account for this dramatic fall from grace?

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How Do Solar Water Heating Systems Work and Save You Money?

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Solar water heating systems use solar panels, called collectors, fitted to your roof. There are three types of collectors: Flate-plate collector


Shifting Capacity Factors Making Unsubsidized Wind and Solar Power Cheaper than Fossil Fuels

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According to a new analysis done by BNEF (Bloomberg New Energy Finance), even without subsidies wind power is the cheapest form of energy to produce in both Germany and the United Kingdom. This is a b

The Key Components of Water Efficiency of Green Buildings

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Water efficiency is an important part of green building whose strategies and technologies reduce the amount of potable water consumed in buildings Many water conservation strategies have very low cost

Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Climate Change

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Apple is leading the way towards environmental responsibility and climate change in big business... Let’s hope others will follow suit.

The World's Greenest Office Building

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According to BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) Deloitte's new corporate headquarters located in Amsterdam is the most sustainable office building in the wor

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Free Tool to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

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This week the United Nations launched a new initiative named Climate Neutral Now. This program is meant to encourage both companies and i

3 Types of Green Building

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LEED, Passive House, and Net Zero buildings all achieve green building performance while using different tactics.