At the 2011 Greenbuild Conference in Toronto, Caroma brought a sample of their unique dual toilet sink called the Profile Smart 305 Round Front Plus.

Caroma, an Australian company founded in 1941, is designer, manufacturer, importer and distributor of water efficient bathroom products for commercial and residential applications.

Caroma’s toilets can save up to 72% of water usage and have more WaterSense labels than any other toiler manufacturer. Caroma states that it has saved over 4.8 billion gallons of water in the U.S. alone.

Profile Smart 305 Round Front Plus

The Profile Smart 305 Round Front Plus is a high efficiency dual flush toilet, with 1.28/0.8 gallons per flush.Photo Credit:

When using the integrated sink/hand-washing basin, the water used for hand-washing is saved in the toilet’s tank the for next flush, saving even more water. Even further, the product features award-winning Smartflush water saving technology, which is exclusive to Caroma and Fowler toilet suites.

The dual toilet sink is also an excellent space saver due to its stacked design.

The dual toilet sink’s unique water and space saving features have earned multiple awards, including the Popular Mechanics 2008 Product Breakthrough Award and the 2007 GreenPlumbers Water Efficient Product of the Year and Overall Product of the Year Awards.

Caroma Toilet Sink Combo and WaterSense

Caroma’s Profile Smart 305 Round Front Plus is WaterSense labeled, meaning that it is at least 20% more water efficient and performs as well or better as other toilets in its category.

WaterSense is a water efficiency program is partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency. The purpose of the program is to make it easy for consumers to find and select water efficient products, including bathroom sink faucets and accessories, showerheads, toilets and urinals.

To see a full explanation of Watersense’s criteria, visit the EPA’s website.

LEED Credit Overview

 Since Caroma’s dual toilet sink conserves water, it can be used toward LEED v4 Water Efficiency (WE) credits. The LEED v4 guide even suggests using WaterSense-certified fixtures to reduce potable water demand. Specifically, the dual toilet sink may be used toward WE Prerequisite: Indoor Water Use Reduction and the corresponding credit (up to 6 points).
If you’re interested in purchasing a Caroma toilet, find a local distributor here.


Claire Moloney

A recent graduate of Cornell University, where ahe studied Environmental Science and concentrated in Sustainable Development. Her interest in green building and LEED stems from her project-based coursework at Cornell, where ahe proposed design strategies for sustainable developments in Helena, MT and Ithaca, NY. Claire also exercised her passion for sustainability and energy conservation through extracurricular activities at Cornell, such as Solar Decathlon, Lights Off Cornell and Sustainability Hub. For the last three summers, she worked on energy projects at a town government, including an on-site hydrogen station and EECBG-funded activities.

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