Question: Jo asks: Where would I find the list of the basic services that qualify for the community connectivity sustainable sites credit? It was mentioned that a fire station qualifies, but police station would not. Unfortunately, I have not been successful in locating this list of services. Could you direct me?

Answer: Hi Jo, Sustainable Sites, credit 2, Option 2. (In my LEED Reference guide, it’s p.35 – this may have changed in newer versions) Option 2 talks about Community Connectivity. The premise is building or renovating where people can walk to services they use, so the site must be located within ½ mile of 10 of the following basic services that would include, but are not limited to:

Bank, Place of worship, Convenience grocery, Day Care, Cleaners, Fire Station, Beauty salon, Hardware, Laundry, Library, Medical/Dental, P.O., Theater, Community Center, Fitness Center, Museum, Supermarket, Park, Pharmacy, Medical/Dental, Senior care facility.

Hope this helps!

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