Question: Katy asks: What is the most eco-friendly counter top product that is available today?


Hello Katy,

I would recommend concrete as an eco-friendly counter to option. Because of it’s low impact on the environment, concrete is one of the greenest countertop materials you can use. To make your countertops even more sustainable, follow these strategies for greener concrete countertops.

3-highly-valued-personality-traits-in-a-housekeeper-11Making your concrete countertops locally and not driving them across the country is a very green and sustainable enterprise. In addition to the concrete that goes into your countertops, you should also investigate the products being used to facilitate mold removal and to protect the concrete surface from stains.

For example, many of the release agents used to keep the concrete from sticking to the forms are petroleum-based. The greener choice is to use one of the newer “earth-friendly” products made from biodegradable vegetable oils.


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