Question: Tyler asks: I have a certification letter from a manufacturer that states “We use recycled steel in making our ductile iron: 8% ASTM A36 carbon steel, 27% 1010 slitter steel and 50% scrap ductile iron from our own processing. We use both pre-consumer and post-consumer material.” I have verified from them that the slitter steel is a waste product from another manufacturing process. My question is can I determine the pre-consumer and post-consumer material percentages based on the above data?


Hi Tyler,

For steel products where no recycled content information is given, or unclear, assume the recycled content is to be 25 percent post-consumer, as stated by LEEDs V3 Building Design and Construction Manual.

There is also Equation 3 under this manual, that will help you calculate the assembled recycled content which requires assembly weights, costs and recycled content.

As an experienced LEED documenter, I would suggest gathering all items for this credit, and if you are at a point where clarifying this documentation will earn you extra percentages to obtain either 1 or 2 points – then work with the manufacturer to better understand where everything is coming from and why.


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