What is an Eco-Charrette?

An eco-charrette, also known as the kick-off meeting, is an interactive brainstorming and team-building exercise that generates and targets sustainability goals for a green building. The eco-charrette brings members of the design team – the owner, architect, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, and landscape designer – together with the general contractor, maintenance staff, tenants, neighbors and concerned officials, to collaboratively contribute ideas to the building’s design and functions.

Eco-charrettes are becoming a common element in the design of high performance buildings and have been used successfully on some of the most progressive buildings in the US.

What is Eco-Charrette Facilitation?

The time spent in the eco-charrette is designed to be highly productive, and profound change can result. Each participant brings specialized expertise or knowledge that may contribute to achieving the goals. For a sustainable building project, this is a formula for success.

Whether your project team is attempting LEED Certification or simply looking to implement sustainable strategies into the design, Green-Buildings.com provides valuable insight and direction by facilitating the initial eco-charrette. We will:

  • Explore the synergies and cost benefits of various design strategies specific to your project
  • Motivate each player to get on board this collaborative effort – ensuring that the building realizes its full potential.
  • Introduce a set of interactive electronic tools to keep the group moving toward a functional and productive result that will engage the owners and operators. With the proper foundation set, this tool can then be used by the project team to track and follow through with each task throughout the duration of the project.
  • Provide in-depth knowledge of LEED requirements, submittals & Credit Interpretation Rulings (CIRs) to determine the feasibility of achieving each prerequisite and credit, for those projects working towards LEED Certification

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