GeoEdge™ is a flexible, multi-height, durable aluminum edge restraint and component system for the green build environment, including landscaped roof systems and permeable pavement applications. GeoEdge has a sturdy L-shaped profile, and is available in several heights with a choice of a solid wall, or a slotted wall to allow for water runoff.

-Engineered for use in greenroof applications, GeoEdge can be used to retain green roof planting material, as well as stones, pavers and tiles for rooftop walkways.

-GeoEdge has been proven successful for both Intensive and Extensive Greenroofs, and qualifies for LEED points.gesamp

-GeoEdge is a lightweight, flexible restraint that provides a finished look and assures an easy installation, making it a great alternative for poured concrete in permeable pavement applications.

-GeoEdge is manufactured from recycled aluminum material and is 100% recyclable.

-GeoEdge Components and Accessories are also available. Click here for more information.

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Dave Clemen

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