GreenFiber insulation improves the indoor environment

Established in 2000 and headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., GreenFiber insulation is the largest manufacturer of cellulose fiber insulation, fire and sound products in the U.S. GreenFiber manufactures cellulose insulation in North America and all products are made with a minimum of 85% recycled paper fibers.

With 7 manufacturing plants located throughout the United States, GreenFiber products are sold to building supply retailers, manufactured housing builders, insulation contractors and others in the U.S. and Canada. GreenFiber products are also sold through a national sales force to residential and commercial contractors as well as to the do-it-yourself and contractor customer.

Download GreenFiber Report
Download GreenFiber Report

To find out where to buy GreenFiber’s insulation products click here.

By helping to reduce energy consumption required to heat and cool homes and light commercial buildings, as well as help improve sound dampening in building envelopes, GreenFiber has developed into a major provider of insulation to the green building products industry.

As a company, GreenFiber diverts hundreds of thousands of tons of paper from landfills each year.

GreenFiber is a safe option for professional builders and DIYers and as a Class A fire rated building insulation material, GreenFiber offers peace of mind.

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