Hydropoint Data Systems, Inc. specializes in clean technology for water-efficient irrigation. The Cleantech Group and The Guardian named Hydropoint as one of the Global Cleantech 100 companies of 2010.

Hydropoint’s WeatherTRAK Smart Sprinkler
Evapotranspiration (ET) Controller automatically adjusts the irrigation schedule according to a variety of factors including the weather, sun exposure, and type of plants and soil.WeatherTRAK Smart Irrigation

Every WeatherTRAK system uses WeatherTRAK’s ET Everywhere satellite technology to track the weather. It automatically adjusts the amount of water for irrigation based on the weather and your landscaping needs.Photo Credit: Hydropoint.com

Therefore, WeatherTRAK’s ET Controllers can save up to 59% on water use. According to Hydropoint, WeatherTRAK outperformed all other irrigation controllers in 23 public and private studies.

Hydropoint offers WeatherTRAK for residential, light commercial, and commercial applications. Additionally, some of WeatherTRAK’s commercial systems come with central control systems and Internet-based management, reporting and control.

Benefits of Water Saving Irrigation Systems

According to Hydropoint, 58% of urban water consumption goes to landscaping. However, landscapes are overwatered by 30-300%.

Water costs are rising by an average of 43% across North America, according to Hydropoint. This means that with a WeatherTRAK, you can reduce water consumption and save money. In fact, Hydropoint has a cost savings calculator that you can use to see how much a WeatherTRAK would save you.

Additionally, WeatherTRAK is eligible for smart controller rebates in certain municipalities across the United States.

Overwatering not only costs more money, but also causes property destruction and produces more runoff, which can carry pollutants and be harmful to the water supply. WeatherTRAK’s ET Everywhere has been shown to reduce runoff and pollution by up to 79%.

LEED Credit Overview

Since the WeatherTRAK smart irrigation controllers conserve water for landscaping, it can contribute to LEED in the Water Efficiency (WE) category.

According to LEED for New Construction 2009, the WeatherTRAK could help to earn WE Credit 1: Water Efficient Landscaping (2-4 points).

This credit awards 2 points for reducing irrigation needs by 50% and 4 points for no potable water use or irrigation. Since WeatherTRAK still uses water, the best it can possibly achieve is 2 points, or 50% water reduction for irrigation, for this credit.


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A recent graduate of Cornell University, where she studied Environmental Science and concentrated in Sustainable Development. Her interest in green building and LEED stems from her project-based coursework at Cornell, where she proposed design strategies for sustainable developments in Helena, MT and Ithaca, NY. Claire also exercised her passion for sustainability and energy conservation through extracurricular activities at Cornell, such as Solar Decathlon, Lights Off Cornell and Sustainability Hub. For the last three summers, she worked on energy projects at a town government, including an on-site hydrogen station and EECBG-funded activities.

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