Question: Nancy asks: Thank you for your prompt response to my earlier query. Our LEED project is managed by our appointed architect who has a LEED team. I am interested as a client in expanding my knowledge on LEED and to be able to maintain the LEED certification (if awarded) for Interior Commercial for yearly review. Also, having awareness on what it takes to qualify for LEED certification would help me in our ISO 14001 certification which energy and environment play a vital assessment for maintaining our certification as well. Based on this, is there really a need to take the LEED Green Associate exam which I see that it is useful for construction and leasing company involving in LEED certified buildings. Any further guidance from you would be appreciated while I will pursue my query further with our architect.


Hi Nancy,

If you want to learn about LEED, one of the best ways to do that is to prepare for one or both of the LEED exams and become LEED accredited.

LEED GA Super Study PackIn the process of studying you’ll learn more than enough to be conversant about the ins and outs of LEED, and if you want to get specific for your project you can focus on commercial interiors by earning your LEED AP ID+C (Interior Design and Construction) specialty credential.

Even if you are not considering taking the exams, you can also enroll in the LEED Professional Project Experience program and get experience on a LEED project working with Alex Spilger, who is a very experienced LEED consultant. Our participants have consistently given the program high marks for preparing them for a career in green building and LEED.

Of course, you do not need to hold a LEED credential to certify a building or work on a LEED project, but engaging yourself with a goal (such as passing a test, or participating in a structured program) can be very helpful in learning.

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