Question: Abhi asks: What are the procedures for obtaining LEED certification for New Construction for chemical manufacturing facilities?


Hi Abhi,

Currently there are separate rating systems for data centers and warehouses, but not yet for factories. So, you would have to apply for New Construction rating system. You could check case-studies of other LEED manufacturing facilities like:

1. General Motors’ new Lansing Delta Township (Mich.) Assembly Plant – LEED Gold certified

2. Volkswagen’s auto manufacturing plant in Tennessee – LEED Platinum certified

3. Taekwang Vina’s Nike Factory, Vietnam – LEED certified

The biggest challenge you will face is in getting reduction for energy savings, as the process energy for your factory also has to be included in the calculation. In some factory projects the process energy itself can go up to 85 – 90% of the total energy. Getting a reduction like 12 – 15% on these might be very challenging. So, first you need to check how much would your process energy for the manufacturing process be.

For your energy model, ASHRAE 90.1 does not suggest a baseline value for the factory process, as every factory process would be very different and unique. So, you will need to create a baseline on your own. You may do this by looking at standard processes and equipments used by other chemical factories, set that as a baseline and try to model energy savings through the equipments and processes your project is using. Check if you propose to use high efficiency equipments. This in the end has to be acceptable by USGBC.

For the energy model, you can consider using a software like IPMVP, which is quite flexible in developing baselines and calculating design case for different types of unique projects. There is also an option for using the default process energy of 25% for your process loads instead of the actual, which might make energy savings more possible.

Bright task lighting and lower overhead lighting can also help in reducing overall energy for the project.


imageVineela Kasi Reddy, LEED AP BD+C

Vineela is an Architect, LEED AP BD+C and a GRIHA (Indian green building rating system) certified evaluator. She is currently working on understanding the financial implications of sustainability.

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