Question: Ganesh asks: Hi, My name is ganesh and i am a CEO of a company manufacturing and exporting apparel to Usa/europe. I want to appear for LEED GA exam in india. I am a textile engineer by qualification and has 20yrs experience in manufacturing/project/ marketing. I want to appear for the exam in India and need your advise on how to go about it. Regds, Ganesh


Dear Ganesh

LEED is still a fairly new concept in India with less than 700 building registered. So unlike the US we do not have multiple disciplines under LEED.igbc-logo

There is only one exam which directly awards you the LEED AP credentials but I understand that the American system will be introduced in the International Green building congress at Chennai in October. In India the LEED AP certification is awarded by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Becoming a LEED AP in India is fairly straight forward and the exam itself is slightly less challenging than the one in the US. The first step is to register online with the IGBC. I have included the link below. You will be asked your preferred date and examination centre. The exam itself is conducted by a company called Meritrac and they will send in the examination pack which will contain all the information you need once IGBC receives your examination fee.

Over 70% of the questions will come from the LEED India NC reference guide. For the remaining you will have to polish your general knowledge on green buildings, environmental impact of buildings on the environment etc. I do not recommend taking any paid classes to prepare for the exam but I suggest you take some sample tests before you take the actual exam to learn where you stand.

Hope this helps.


imageYusuf Turab, LEED AP Turab, LEED AP

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