Question: Kyle asks: MRC4: New Construction Project, LEED 2009. When calculating the cost of Structural steel used on the project can I include, design detailing and painting costs? The reference guide specifies that transportation and taxes should be included and labor and equipment costs excluded.

However, I am not sure what costs from our fabricator can be used. I feel that the fabricators whole cost should be included for the material delivered but I am not sure if LEED sees it this way. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!

Answer: Hi Kyle, thanks for your question concerning the costs used when calculating the percent of recycled content for LEED New Construction (NC) 2009, Materials & Resources (MR) Credit 4.

LEED New Construction: MR Credit 4 Calculation

The total materials cost that USGBC is looking for is the cost of the materials delivered to the job site. That is why labor and equipment costs at the job site are excluded.cod-newsroom-LEED

The LEED NC Reference Guide specifically states that materials costs should include “all expenses to deliver the material to the project site,” and “Materials costs should account for all taxes and transportation costs incurred by the contractor but exclude any cost for labor and equipment once the materials has been delivered to the site.”

Based on that definition, I would say that any cost that the steel fabricator incurs prior to the steel being delivered to the job site can be included in the calculation.

I hope this helps!


imageDavid M. Pratt

David M. Pratt, P.E., CEM, LEED AP is an Energy Management Consultant for Sustainable Climate and Energy Solutions group of MWH Americas, Inc. MWH is the global leader of the wet infrastructure sector. The MWH organization is driving the wet infrastructure sector globally, and we are leading the world in results-oriented management, technical engineering and construction services to build a better world.

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