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Pearl’s Premium is a low-maintenance and drought-tolerant grass seed that needs little or no water and very little mowing. The company recommends using organic fertilizer or compost once or twice a year, which reduces the harmful runoff that is typical of today’s landscaping.

Pearl’s Premium is a blend of five native or adapted fescues (grass species) – meaning it is not genetically modified.

Pearl’s Premium comes in three varieties:

• Sunny Mixture: areas that receive 50-100% sunlight during the day
• Shady Mixture: areas that receive less than 50% sunlight or deep shade (no direct or little sun)
• Sun-Shade Mixture: areas that receive substantial sunlight to substantial shade

sunset500Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed: Cost and Savings

Pearl’s Premium grass seed can be purchased through the company’s website, at Whole Foods, or from a variety of other stores.

On the company’s website, it retails for $35.95 for a 5 lb bag (1,000 square feet), $165.95 for a 25 lb bag (5,000 square feet), and $295.95 for a 50 lb bag (10,000 square feet).

The company claims that the product will pay for itself in a few weeks because of the money saved on water, fertilizer and treatments.

LEED Credit Overview


Pearl’s Premium grass blend requires little or no watering, which means it can help to qualify a building project for LEED certification.

According to LEED for New Construction, Pearl’s Premium could contribute to Water Efficiency (WE) Credit 1: Water Efficient Landscaping (2-4 points). This credit requires either a 50% reduction of potable water use for irrigation (2 points) or no potable water use or irrigation (4 points).

Pearl’s Premium would most likely contribute to a 50% reduction of potable water use, which would add 2 points.

Also, it could potentially eliminate the need for irrigation, which would earn 4 points. Alternatively, the grass could be watered using captured rainwater or graywater, which would also earn the 4 points.

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