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Buy a Green Building Product Qualification Report for your green building product.

As a resource to the global green building design and construction community, Green-Buildings.com offers insight and information on sustainable construction materials and products for the built environment.

Whether you are pursuing LEED® certification, or simply interested in providing more information for your clients, you can trust our Product Qualification Reports to provide easy to understand, point-by-point summaries of environmentally friendly building products.

To receive a Product Qualification Report, and use the Green-Buildings.com Qualified seal, products must be approved by Green-Buildings.com and applicable to at least one, if not more, of the major LEED credit categories, and meet our product criteria (below):

  1. Sustainable Sites
  2. Water Efficiency
  3. Energy & Atmosphere
  4. Materials & Resources
  5. Indoor Environmental Quality

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Green-Buildings.com Qualified Product Criteria

Tracy QuoteGreen building products listed on Green-Buildings.com must contribute to a category or categories through demonstrable and/or measurable performance criteria.

Such performance criteria include, but may not be limited to:

  1. Designed for low or no impact to surrounding natural environment and/or habitats: Products that avoid, prevent or minimize new, incremental damage to natural habitats, or those that seek to improve existing environmental site conditions, can contribute to better green building performance.
  2. Designed to save energy and/or water: Green buildings are more energy and water efficient than conventional buildings. Products may contribute to greater operating efficiency in ways such as energy conservation and management, reducing heating and cooling loads, harnessing on or off site renewable energy, green power or more efficient use of fossil fuels, and through the efficient management and conservation of potable water.
  3. Designed with recycled, reused, bio-based or sustainably harvested content: Products that incorporate reused, recycled or bio-based content reduce the demand for virgin raw materials or long-cycle agricultural products. Indeed, the materials are saved, but also we save the energy that is otherwise embodied in the extraction and development of those products. LEED, specifically, encourages the use of building materials with pre-consumer or post-consumer recycled content. Products may also be comprised, either partially or in whole, of Certified Wood through organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
  4. Designed with no and/or low toxicity or emissions: Natural building products, such as wood, rapidly renewable materials, bio-based, mineral or plant products can often be preferable to processed synthetics or man made chemical-based building products because of the reduced risk to building occupants and the environment. Other products may be synthetic but preferable to alternatives when measured according to their level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other emissions.
  5. Designed to improve environmental quality: Humans spend over 90% of their time indoors. The indoor environment should be a safe place to live and work. Green building products used indoors should not only be low emitting, but also free from hazardous materials and pollutants. Human health is also impacted by thermal comfort, exposure to natural light and protection from excess noise. Building products that contribute to health and productivity in these areas may be considered beneficial to green building design.


What You GetGreen-Buildings.com independently reviews and evaluates each product that is submitted.

Approval is solely determined by Green-Buildings.com.

For a green building product or material to be included in our database it must meet minimum requirements and demonstrate quantifiable performance characteristics that may include, but not be limited to, third party environmental/green certification, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Manufacturers Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), successful implementation and prior use in certified green building projects, such as LEED certified buildings, and inclusion in third party listings services, such as GreenSpec.

Submit our contact form to submit your green building product to Green-Buildings.com.

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